President Message

Sri Soumen Neogi

In protest against excessive rise in the cost and taxes of electricity the owners of micro & small industries unitedly had started an agitation in 1991 and consequently formed an association named ‘Sonarpur Block Cottage and Small Scale Association.’ Later, this was named “Cottage and Small Scale Industries Association, South 24 Pgs”. and having been now acquented through-out the district.


At present our member strength has increased much. We are working for the development and expansion of the small scale industries throughout the district. Tiny enterprises face many problems. To solve them our consultants are trying heart and soul. We usually arrange Training Programmes for the unemployed youths with a view to making them Self-employed. Besides this, we arrange Workshop and Seminars for the running organizations. We help the organizations and their personels through Mutual Cooperative Society.


We had arranged ‘Shilpa Banijya Mela’ for 6 years but for some unavoidable reason, we could not hold this Mela for the last 2 years, and hope to rehold it soon. Although we did not arrange the said Mela, yet, we arranged ‘Swanirvar Mela’ for last 2 years. Mainly Female Entrepreneurs took part in this Mela. Practically our ‘vision & mission’ is just to promote the micro & Small Scale Enterprises with a fair and vivid attempt to build an ideal society.
 We firmly hope that we would be able to attain the peak.

 Please take membership of our Association, and Render your hearty service to enhance and promote the status & benefits of the Small Scale Industries.

With my best love, wishes and thanks
 Yours ever,
 Soumen Kr. Neogi


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